founded in 1972, POMDI - Heramientas de Diamante,S.A. is today one of the leading industrial diamond tool manufacturers in the world. Pomdi has already long been offering different industrial sectors superabrasive industrial diamond and cubic boron nitride (CBN) machining solutions.

Continuous development has brought 2011 a revolutionary new concept called 3 NEO. The idea is simple: if the shank attached to the diamond wheel does not wear - why to change it!

The 3NEO concept means that you replace only the worn diamond surface helping minimizing operation costs. Thanks to the patented locking system between the shank and the wheel to replace the diamond wheel is 15 times faster than with conventional tools.

Moreover the locking mechanism is the same to all wheels - even for machines of different brand. If the diameter is the same - you can interchange the wheels. This means less stock for different wheels. You save money! Pomdi diamond wheels are universal and fit any machine.

More information from: www.pomdi.com