For over 25 years Denver means outstanding quality, state-of-the-art technology and unparalleled Customer Service everywhere in the world. Our solid commitment is to be a reliable partner for the demanding Craftsman as well as the modern fabrication Company. For this reason we continuously strive to improve our products from the very design stage up to ancillary services aiming to deliver real value to our Customers.
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Eurotech - Way

Eurotech - Way has become known within glass tempering industry of the patented ceramic roller cleaning robot. This automatic robot saves cleaning time and ensures better tempering quality of the glass as well as less brakeages. The cleaning process is three phase for really dirty rollers. For less dirty rollers is a two phase cleaning sufficient. The robot utilizes the furnace rollers movement in its cleaning process. The result is immediately noticeable.
Eurotech Way also manufactures silk screen printing lines. Recently a line for 3300 x 7000 mm was installed in Italy.
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FeneTech Europe SARL, based in Strassen, Luxembourg has been recently founded to cope with the increasing demand for the highly integrated and modern FeneVision ERP solution on the European marketplace. From the Strassen office, FeneTech Europe SARL will offer sales, implementation as well as high quality service and support to our constantly increasing European customer base. Our staff members speak various languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch and are highly experienced in the flat glass processing industry. Our mission is to be different from our competitors and to focus on full customer satisfaction.
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IMMMES is a real professonal in handling process water efficiently. Since 1995 they have specialized in water treatment of civil and industrila processes and especially strong in glass and stone industry process water handling. IMMMES has delivered more than 150 water treatment systems globally. Year 2009 brought a new product for serigraphy industry to clean the process water to be used again in the process.
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This dynamic Italian company manufactures the well known cutting tables for both float and laminated glass.The reputation of Macotec is largely based on the advanced technology and components and also the Optima software that they use in these cutting tables.The name Macotec has become synonymous with quality and reliability.
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Muchcolours builds and supports products and machines for digital printing. Muchcolours is already a well known and leading company in solvent digital printing in communications and now started a range of printers in flat printing and decorating to a maximum thickness of 300 mm.
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Neptun srl

Neptun is a valuable industrial company, with a historical experience in the world of glass processing machines.
Under the proficient guidance of Stefano Bavelloni, and capitalizing his thorough knowledge of the glass industry and the professionalism of his team, Neptun offers a range of high class machines, conceived for those companies that demand to their partners the same level of quality as the one they offer to their own customers: the best.
Neptun's quality is the result of its constant commitment in R&D, aiming at innovative solutions to enhance the reliability and the performances of its machines.
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Officine Mistrello

Perhaps better known as Mistrello - the company history dates back to late 1800 century as a machinery. The last 12 years Mistrello has specialized to glass industry's needs designing and manufacturing glass storages, classifiers, gantrys…
All glass storages are built according to customer needs - tailor made!
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Founded in 1972, POMDI - Heramientas de Diamante,S.A. is today one of the leading industrial diamond tool manufacturers in the world. Pomdi has already long been offering different industrial sectors superabrasive industrial diamond and cubic boron nitride (CBN) machining solutions.
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Softsolution is an innovative Austrian company for controlling glass quality during and after the process by SCANNING the glass to find working errors like missing or wrongly placed drilling holes, faulty measures etc.
Also to find scratches and other marks on the surface or inside the glass can be detected with Softsolution Line Scanner technology.
To help glass processors to take measures of the template and to make working drawings for the CNC machinery, Softsolution has developed Virtual Scanning method and the SCAD, which outperforms the traditional autocad in easyness and fast working.
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TK Tekno Kilns

This company was established in the 90’s and is very well know of their high temperature kilns for melting glass. TK Tekno Kilns also produces laminating lines that does not need autoclaves or humidity control in the working environment. This is based on vinyl-acetate films. One special area of TK Tekno Kilns is also tempering lines sector from tiny 350 x 650 mm / 60 kW tempering stations to mighty 3300 x 8000 mm / 900 kW tempering lines with or without pre heating sections.
Even tempering of photovoltaic glass is possible!
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