Muchcolours builds and supports products and machines for digital printing.

Muchcolours is already a well known and leading company in solvent  digital printing in communications  and  now started a range of  printers in flat printing and decorating  to a maximum thickness of 300 mm.

Muchcolours has its own research and development  unit  which works closely with the  European University of Design.

2005 Muchcolours developed in co-operation with a chemical company  the first  NANO TECHNOLOGY ink with very low environmental impact. Soon after this  the decision was made NOT to use solvent based inks anymore.

These NANO inks are  performing very well both inside and outside applications and they need NO TEMPERING to be permanently fixed on glass surfaces. These inks are  transparent meaning that  natural light comes beautifully through the glass printed with this ink.

The size of a drop of NANO ink is only 3 pikoliter (0.000000000003 l). This means that they can enter "any  hole" in the  surface of glass. Actually when you print with NANO ink you  are not painting on the glass but penetrating the colour into the surface structure of the glass.

The brand name of the flat digital printing machines is PRACTIKA. They are manufactured in two plants in Montesilvano, Italy. The maximum size of the printer  currently   is 2500 x 5000 mm.

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