IMMMES is a real professonal in handling process water efficiently.

Since 1995 they have specialized in water treatment of civil and industrila processes and especially strong in glass and stone industry process water handling.

IMMMES has delivered more than 150 water treatment systems globally.

Year 2009 brought a new product for serigraphy industry to clean the process water to be used again in the process.

IMMMES products

DGS - Dry Glass System

This product isa a fully automatic system to dehydrate,compact and store sludge from glass processing. Can be part of the DTP or ID system.

DTP - limpid water glass

This system is specially used by middle size and bigger companies. Its innovative and hi-tech treatment system excludes all chemical flocculation process and allow a big saving of water working in closed cycle. It is a centralized system for process water treatment.

ID system - clean water glass

IMMMES offers a compact solution for smaller companies. This system is built on a skid making the installation very easy.

ANTEAONE - for printing sector

this is an efficient system - mounted on a skid - to remove residual paint from water when washing the print screens. After the purifying process the water can be used again.

OSM & DEM SYSTEMS - for demineralisation

These systems are used for eliminating dilluted salts from the process water. The OSM system is using REVERSE OSMOSIS principle and the DEM system is based on anionic and cationic resisns. Both systems are ideal for washing systems.

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