VITRUM fair in Milan 3-6.10.2017

Lasitekno will be present in Vitrum Milan 3-5.10.2017. to meet customers and to support  Lasiteknos suppliers.

This year especially  I can  pick up some new  items on display:

Denver - the new  vertical CNC called "Advance" is  a perfect  and compact CNC  for  balcony, bathroom, shower- and sauna door  processing up to 1500 x 3000 mm size.All processing  with one machine - also  edge grinding and polishing.

Neptun - new vertical CNC called "Wave" that can  wash glass up to 2800 mm height.This model is located between Superinox and LV Top and  is  ment for  heavy production.

Macotec: presenting  a new cutting and  automatic glass store combination. This  can be seen at a customers facility near the Macotec factory and  there are busses organized  after the show ( each day) to get you there. If you are interested of this  product - please  book your place in the buss and  Macotec  20 years anniversary dinner now !

Immmes: presenting compact DTPs  water treatment system for clean water needs - smaller than the whole factory - like double edger. DTPs is  downsized from the  large scale DTP system which has been on the market since 1997. The DTPs is on display at the show , so you can see yourself  how clean water is made for the double edger or  any other  machine that needs  clean water.

TK is also there  for those interested in processing laminated glass and tempering