Lasitekno is a Finnish based trading company providing machines, systems and services to glass processing industry

Lasitekno is a Finnish based glass processing trading companyLasitekno's idea is to provide competitive alternatives to local customers in glass processing not only in Finland but also in Scandinavia and Baltic countries, too.

Lasitekno is not only selling machines but offering installation and service through its suppliers but also local professionals. Lasitekno is proud to have been able to introduce completely new technologies to local glass industry.

Procuts like line scanners to control glass quality were succesfully introduced alfready in 2009 as well as Virtual Digitizing to make DXF files for templates. During the last years also new interesting technologies have entered this market area like ceramic roller cleaning robot or digital printing with revolutionary Nano technology inks.

One succesful product in this market place has been the most modern ERP system available - specially designed for glass industry - the FeneVision.

Lasitekno has very good and reliable relation to its suppliers and this reflects also to Lasitekno customers which will get quick and professional care when they need it!

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